The average gives the world
its existence,
the extraordinary,
Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900),
Irish writer

The hunting falcon and the satellite. In the old days, a nobleman would send out his falcon to locate prey from the air. Today, we have satellites circling the earth that view the world from above – a comprehensive view, one might say. We are aiming for the same thing, as for us a comprehensive approach goes without saying, having been entrepreneurially active for so many years. After all, only with the full picture can you decide on the right way to proceed. Our service and advice is not provided from the sole standpoint of a banking consultant, insurance specialist, trustee, solicitor or real estate expert. We refer you to specialists who are ideal for your needs, with whom we cooperate closely. All the while, though, our own opinions flow into the decision-making process to keep the big picture in view.