To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all.
Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900),
Irish writer

I always believed that achieving success through performance would have a natural appeal to people. I have always had successful people to look up to. I was able to mature by emulating them, and taking pleasure in their successes. I never doubted either that I, too, could be successful. But then all of a sudden I encountered things of a very different nature. Envy, resentment and arrogance.  Never would I have thought that instead of seeing my achievements and the work I’ve done, people would only look at my house, my car, my portfolio. All of the things that didn’t really matter to me so much were suddenly in the foreground. And so was I. I was then glad when I was able to return to the background, as it had never been my ambition to always be in the spotlight. I would rather stay occupied with expanding my company, and developing my credibility that way instead.” Hans Kunder; Entrepreneur from Berlin

Domini & Sign AG takes over the following responsibilities: corporate reputation services, including the full range of communications requirements and media relations. Image building and positioning, from concept and design to fully integrated management of a positive reputation. Innovation-related consulting for specific markets, countries, municipalities and target groups. Country- and culture-specific implementation, presentation to authorities. Coordinating communications objectives with multicultural policies of authorities and banks. Life planning, personal development and success monitoring, upholding high standards of authenticity and credibility.