The best monument to a person
is built in the hearts of his or her fellow man.
Albert Schweitzer (1875–1965)
Alsatian Protestant theologian,
musician, physician and philosopher
Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1952

“I hadn’t realised how quickly life can take an entirely different turn. From one second to the next. From black to white, just like that.” Mrs Schiesser breaks down. “The sudden loss of my husband is still painful to me today. His illness came on suddenly; it was brief yet painful. There was no explanation, and no warning. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Everything became unimportant. It took a long time until I was able to rejoin life. Now I’m OK, and putting all my energy into my Foundation for Cancer. It puts meaning back into my life.” Deby Schiesser; Retired, living in Normandy

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