My family held so closely together
that I sometimes felt like we were
a single person consisting of four parts.
Henry Ford (1863–1947),
American industrialist

“We were flying kites.  The air was fresh, and the grass rustling. I will never forget it. That is why we always come back to where we’re really from. Escaping the hectic big-city life to go back to the family.” Joseph Salibian is watching his son walk up a hill with his family. It will be a good day for kite flying. “It was always my dream to cultivate professional life and family life equally. Running an orderly business leaves one room for family and one’s dreams. I firmly believe that my son will be able to fulfil his dreams!” The Salibian family; Owner of famous hotels throughout the world

Domini & Sign AG takes over the following responsibilities: succession planning, real estate purchasing/selling/leasing and property management. Family residence and second home. Family governance. Trustee functions, including administration, accounting and accounting consolidation. Managing family assets, including art collections and intellectual property. Ensuring proper secretarial services. Domini & Sign oversees purchases of luxury goods and exclusive services in terms of timing and provision and administration and other related services.