Be aware of what you know.
Admit what you do not know.
This is the right attitude
toward knowledge.
Confucius (551–479 BC),
Chinese philosopher

“Knowledge rules the world. I never used to think about that earlier,” says Sandra Hofer, but now she understands what her father was saying back then. “Maybe that was the best time in my life. Back when I was in school, then going to boarding school in England and Switzerland. I made friends for life, learned foreign languages and explored countries. Today I’m grateful that everything was perfectly organised, prepared and overseen for me back then. Knowledge is power, and I had the opportunity to find this out for myself. I want my children to have this opportunity as well. To feel the power of knowledge.” Sandra Hofer; Solicitor and senior partner at a global law firm

Domini & Sign AG provides comprehensive education-related assistance, including identifying and evaluating suitable schools and day-care centres for children of all ages. Around the world, and particularly in Switzerland, Europe and the US. Planning and organising boarding school attendance. Interacting with government authorities and school administrations to arrange residency permits. Providing necessary oversight and support, administering and monitoring funding.